Date: 3/21/2017 11:02 AM EDT

Regular maintenance, inspections, and cleanings are essential for any fireplace in order to keep it safe, functioning properly, and clean. Creosote buildup, also combined with tar and ash, is a common reason why your fireplace may be emitting an odor. The amount of buildup is categorized as either a first, second, or third degree buildup. The third degree buildup, as you can imagine, is the most serious and difficult to clean. Unpleasant odor is not the only thing you may experience with creosote buildup. Allowing it to go untreated will put your family's health and home at risk. Odors coming from your fireplace may also be the result of moisture, animals, or negative air pressure. If you notice an odor coming from your fireplace or you suspect that there may be an issue with your fireplace, we recommend having it inspected by a professional. A professional will know what to look for and how to properly treat it. You deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your fireplace is not a concern for you and your family.

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