Date: 4/30/2017 4:32 PM EDT

There are a number of fireplace accessories that can help to improve the appearance, safety, and functionality of your fireplace. Here are some commonly purchased accessories and their purpose.

  • Fireplace screens come in various designs. They can be spark guard, flat guard, tri-fold, etc. Not only do they add a touch of elegance to your fireplace, but they also provide a level of protection from the high levels of heat coming from your fireplace. 
  • A fireplace insert can burn wood, gas, or pellets and gets inserted in an existing masonry fireplace that is no longer in use. 
  • Stove boards/hearth pads come in many different designs and fireproof materials. They protect the floor underneath your stove as well as the wall behind it.
  • Fireplace doors and stove doors enhance safety, reduce intensity of heat, add style, and improve efficiency of heat. 
  • Hearth rugs add style to your fireplace. They are tough and fire resistant.
  • A fireback, or back plate, is a heavy cast iron object positioned up against the back interior of your fireplace. They date back as far as the 15th century AD and what they do is provide a form of protection for that back fireplace wall. 
  • Ash buckets make it easy and safe to dispose of ashes from your fireplace. 
  • Fireplace and hearth gloves keep your hands protected while you deal with logs, hot materials, etc.
  • Fireplace cranes allow you to hang a cast iron pot above your fire for cooking.

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