Chimney Caps

Water and animals are two major things that you do not want in your chimney. Water can cause rust, rot, and deterioration of your chimney. Animals will try to make a home for themselves and their babies. The best way to avoid these two things is to have a professionally installed chimney cap. Chimney caps come in different materials. They also come custom fit your your chimney. The most durable and long lasting chimney cap is the stainless steel. Copper looks nice, however, it is the most expensive. Galvanized steel is the other choice and is the least expensive. We do not offer galvanized caps for the simple reason that it lacks durability, and it has potential to rust within just 3 years. 

Cap Styles

  • Custom Copper Chimney CapCustom Lids
  • Copper
  • Stainless Steel

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