We use only the latest tools and techniques. We thoroughly clean your chimney to release built up creosote deposits and other debris that accumulate in chimney flues.

Terms to Know:

CREOSOTE is the by-product of incomplete combustion of any fossil fuel such as wood, oil, or coal. When creosote builds up between 1/8 to ¼ inch it can ignite and cause a fire within the chimney. This can cause severe damage to the chimney and the surrounding structure. A chimney fire can create such an updraft it may sound like a train going through your living room. If the creosote catches fire on one side of the flue it could sound like the howling of wind outside. This is why an inspection is so very important.

SWEEPING sweeping of the cap, flue, smoke chamber, smoke shelf, damper, and firebox area are part of the process. The cleaning is done with brushes on fiberglass poles. An inspection is performed for any cracks or defects during the sweeping process.

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