Stainless Liners Vs Poured Liners for Oil Furnaces

Why I do not like poured liners for oil furnaces


   Poured liners are made of a masonry like product that is poured around an inflated tube that is put down the chimney. If the tube is not properly inflated it is inconstant, meaning if it is a 7” tube it can go from 7” to 6” or less. I have seen it all the way down to 3”.

   Moisture is a natural byproduct of combustion, the more efficient the unit the more moisture is produced, that moisture is transferred to the chimney. Poured liners are very susceptible to moisture and I have seen many wore right down to the brick making them totally useless. The stainless liners I use are guaranteed forever when installed properly.

   I have also seen poured liners that when I went to clean them big pieces were falling out because it had not been mixed properly, you do not have these problems with stainless liners and they are consistent all the way down.

   These high efficiency heating units that these companies are putting in, they are supposed to be telling their customers they need to put a stainless liner in the chimney, many of them are not doing this. I don’t know if it is a lack of knowledge or that they are primarily interested in selling the unit or don’t want to bother with the extra work. Either way they are leaving their customers short.

   These high efficiency units can destroy clay tile lined chimneys rather fast. They cause spalling which is a flacking of the tile on the inside of the flue and they can also cause what is called thermal cracking. In any event buyer beware if you are purchasing a highly efficient burner call us and we will install a stainless liner that you will never have to worry about any of these issues ever again.


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